Friday, March 10, 2017

Just Be (the art of)

The detail of moss on a tree trunk. What caught me was the textured layers that it had instead of the usual smooth carpet.
This is what it means to be in the moment-to stop and notice the details of life around you-be it in people's faces or what is at your feet. At that moment in time. Let that moment stand still-that is how it's done. Simple, right?
The art of to just be is something that requires a mindfulness and a willingness to commit to a daily practice. It doesn't mean that you beat yourself up every time you don't make it a daily practice. It's just something that you strive for. And, over time, you may find yourself getting a bit better at it.

All you have to do is Just Be.

join others every friday.
in this space to.
just BE.
shake off the ugly.
bask in the moments.
breathe in the truth.
and beauty.
that is there.
if you just look.


robin. said...

Beautifully said, my friend!! Love, Love, Love this!!! Thank you for being a ripple in this thing called just BE!!!

deb did it said...

this is such a beautiful post


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