About Me

I have two places that I call home; where I grew up on the island of Moloka’i (in Hawaii) and where I now live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Most of my imagery represents reflections and glimpses of these two worlds. I like to call them my parallel universes.

Much of my work reflects my personal philosophy and eclectic approach to life. I enjoy looking at things from different perspectives. Often in my photographic work, I like getting in as close as possible to the subject matter; noticing all the details that the eye can see. The same subject matter viewed from as many perspectives as possible can render entirely different interpretations. Sometimes a particular viewpoint of an ordinary object becomes an abstraction in itself; to the point of not being recognizable. This kind of examination process offers an extraordinary variety of life’s vignettes. It is this sense of acuity that I fully seek and embrace and am always in search of in many of my images. It’s about seeing beauty, transcendence and mystery in everyday things.

I also have a high affinity for textural and organic images which may explain my attraction to such techniques as Polaroid manipulations, hand pulled prints and working in the encaustic medium. These are very textural and tactile processes.

My art endeavors are all truly personal. Throughout my work, I indulge in and enjoy the spirit of play and exploration.


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