Shows and Exhibits

Currently showing at: Printmaker's Studio and Gallery

Previous Solo show.

"E is for Eclectic (and sometimes eccentric).

Because, that is what I am.

The show featured the artwork of Paula Scott (Molokai Girl Studio).

Exhibit was up during the month of August, 2012 at the Printmakers' Studio and Gallery located on 425 San Mateo Blvd. NE in Albuquerque between Lomas and Central just before Copper St.

("Ronnie Haskel's Barn" photo printed on 
canvas on board, mixed media, 16" x 20")

I also had work hanging at the Lovelace Westside Hospital and over at the Timbuctu restaurant in Mariposa.

If you've never been out to Mariposa, the site itself is breathtakingly beautiful. No restaurant can boast such sites-Prairie Star and Tamaya are close, but the view here is stunning. The food is fabulous-the menu has something for everyone-whether you're the plain Jane meat and potatoes personality or the gourmand/gourmet, this is the place for you. Great menu and great beer and wine selection. It seems that everyone who comes out here for a meal feels like they've bee on a vacation when they are done-the food and view transport you!

The image pictured here is an old abandoned barn in Lucy, NM. It is the first in a series that I am working on-abandoned buildings and ghost towns in New Mexico.


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