Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only The Shadows Knows

How funny it is for me to sit here and say that I was too young for the radio drama and comic book series about "The Shadow". But, I was (yay!).


You know, it does trigger a cascade of thoughts for me.

An absence of light, yet it seems to be 'something'. Dark and mysterious which appears to be complex. And yet, so simple. Even more so, enigmatic.

Fleeting, changing. There and yet not there.

How can it be?

The lovely red leaves you see here are courtesy of the Virginia Creeper on my wall. The shadow, courtesy of our bamboo.

I'm sure by now, you've already been thinking about those nights as a youngster making shadow hand puppets on the wall!

So, when you head out the door tomorrow, think about your shadow and try not to step on it! ; )


Leau said...

Been following shadows a lot myself lately, something in the light this time of year. Great shot!

Jaime said...

I have been thinking of trying to photograph shadows for a few months now, but something in me resists.
Could this be a deeper thing? Could I be resisting my own shadows?


I'm sorry I have been a bit of a shadow in the blogging world as of late...but it is so nice to be here again, in the sunny warmth of your beautiful blog.


robin bird said...

as a young girl when i was mad at my friends i used to step on their shadows :(
you have this shadow thing down. my only efforts so far have been too in-a-hurry being all blurred and unpleasant looking. i love yours. it made my imagination just start whirring!

Paula Scott said...

I have a fixation with shadows. I could probably post for a month straight on shadows. I often have to restrain myself from taking photos of shadows as I wonder what will I do with so many shadow images?
Robin Bird, you brought back a childhood memory of stomping on shadows! I think my brothers and I used to try and stomp on each others shadows (sorta like playing tag).

smith kaich jones said...

Oh my goodness. You stepped on others' shadows?!!! How brave you were! As a child, I was TERRIFIED of my own shadow - I would try to outrun it, crying & screaming - I have a very clear recollection of running down a red dirt (mostly sand & dust, really) road, absolutely hysterical because I couldn't get away from the thing! Poor little me!

:) Debi


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