Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me

This post is in response to Debi Jone's post (Therefore, I Blog).,P. I am convinced that I fall in the category (if one must be categorized) in the lame and pitiful visual journalers. The ones I've done under 'adult supervision' with Juliana Coles were ok. But, left to my own devices, it just doesn't happen for me. Sketchbooks fall to the same fate. Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

But, hope springs eternal and I always try to do them. I have endless blank journals that have been started. None are finished; they pretty much can be described as 'just started'.

I think I can only produce them within the context of a class or workshop. It's as though I need to feed off of other people's energy in order to get into the 'zone'. But, to produce them on my own...too many things get in the way.

This was last year's statement on my effort. I received a blank journal (can you hear the hyperventilation coming from me?). Frida was cut out from the birthday card stash. I sloppily painted the book cover (it was intended as an underpainting) and glued Frida down. And made my proclamation.

Much as I would love to be in the company of so many that tout stacks of fabulous visual journals, I would have to say, no, not me.


Regina said...

Don't give up on journaling! A page here and a page there, and pretty soon you have a whole book to bind.

Jaime said...

I am with you and Debi...tried it, not gonna keep trying. Not my thing.

I wonder how many people actually get to the end of one journal before they start another? I have so many half used journals...I get a pretty book to use for something specific...and then I get another for another specific thing...and I eventually end up bogged down with too many journals that will never be maintained!
And the artistic ones..I so SO wish I could do that...paint lovely beautiful pages, but I have found I create better blog pages than journal pages...and I am at peace with that.


smith kaich jones said...

It is already part of my past!



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