Saturday, October 18, 2008

Etch-A-Sketch Memory

It's no secret; I suffer from a malady that I call the "Etch-A-Sketch Memory"! You know, it was there one moment and the next, poof! Gone. Sometimes it will come back, whatever it is that I couldn't recall. Sometimes it is gone for good. The gone for good part is good when you can't remember why you were so darned mad at your teenage son. Not good if you forget why you were punishing him to begin with (and it was a good reason, whatever that was!).

Growing old gracefully. I think I"m growing old clumsily! Gads, I'll be 54 years old/young this week.

(photo credit: Kyle Zimmerman Studio)

How can you do that gracefully if you constantly encounter so many moments where the memory fails you? Running into someone you know and for the life of you, not being able to call them by name because trying to think of their name is like catching a greased pig. Really awkward moments when you're supposed to be doing introductions and no name comes to mind. Blank. Nada. Zippo.

Now, what was my point of this post?

Oh, yeh. The memory thing. Sigh...I have all these images I mean to post and then I forget that I have them! That's what this one is. This is the time of year that I harvest those Braeburn apples off of my tree. Did I talk about this before? I can't remember. I don't use pesticides, so perhaps I can call these organic. I let the birds get to some of them and the rest I hope they don't get to. I've tried to create ways to fend them off. I've tied cd's all over the tree which really appeals to the inner raven in me as they sparkle plenty all hours of the day. This year it was strips of plastic sheeting and then in an afterthought, the Halloween style fake spider webbing. I think the webbing worked pretty good.

I can only hope that I'll get better at remembering to post the images I've meant to post but forgot. I know I have a whole slew of them!


smith kaich jones said...

Happy happy birthday! I will be 55 in a couple of weeks. It's impossible to believe!

But you? I truly truly thought you were in your 30s after seeing that tv show with you. I am impressed! With looks like yours, who needs a memory?

:) Debi

&rew said...

Ah - the memory thing, I'm having the same problem, too! But, what the heck, have a wonderful birthday! &rew

robin-bird said...

happy birthday! oh all these old women!! i am the oldest... 55 1/2 what TV show?!? what TV show?!? oh i want to see all those forgotten photos! you take such good photographs of such interesting things! keep trying

laurel said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Don't you hate it when you turn to go do something and immediately forget what.

Jaime said...

A happy birthday to YOU!!!

And yes, I would like to know too...what tv show??? Can we see???



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