Monday, October 13, 2008

Dragonfly or Damselfly?

Don't you just love fall? There is something so magical about it. It's as though Mother Earth is giving you a big hug before she goes to sleep.

Last Monday, as I headed back into the house from running errands, this fabulous creature flies around me. I've never had a camera in hand when they are nearby. This one seemed to invite me to inspect his beauty. He landed on the holly bush right by the front gate entrance to the house, directly in my path. He just parked there. I stood there breathless and watched him. Wondering when he was going to fly off after teasing me like this. He didn't. It's as though he was looking at me inviting me to enjoy every little detail about him.

I soaked it all in and then headed into the house quickly to get my camera and came back out and slowly approached him shooting frame after frame. He didn't move. If you click on the image, you can see all the details in his wings. Fabulous, isn't it? And, look at his face. Is it my imagination or is that fella smiling at me?

I can only wonder.

I recently bought a book on "Dragonflies & Damselflies of the Southwest" by Robert Behrstock. In it, he explains (and I'm oversimplifying) that dragonflies perch with their wings apart and horizontal. Damselflies perch with their wings vertical and closed.

Did you know that?

To top it off, later on that evening in a parking lot (after dark) I watched an owl swoop silently onto a light pole.

It's simple things like this that brings me joy.


Leau said...

Beautiful image. And yes, it is a dragonfly. Something with a limited life span, a voracious appetite and the ability to bring joy just by it's presence. Enjoy the fall, enjoy your day! Soon all will be smooth again. smooches

robin bird said...

why! i do believe that is a smile!!! what a wonderful post! i could feel your thrill and excitement for this beautiful event. i clicked and i saw!! the detail and color...what a steady hand you have.

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, we have these!! They are unbelievably red & they come back to the same spot each year- right outside my front door. I can just sit on the couch & watch them. And smile. And every year when they show up again, I feel blessed.

Terrific photo! I'm jealous! :)


robin bird said...

i thought maybe debi was going to say "oh! i take photos of those too every year!" i have to say..if she would have said that i would have felt like a real photographic loser :)

bridgette said...

It's simple things like this that brings me joy. me too!

autumn is my favorite time of the year too. I like how you put it- a last embrace from mother nature.

laurel said...

Awesome photograph!

Jaime said...

May we all find the inner dragonfly inside of us...quietly radiating our beauty to the world.

This post is lovely...just like you.


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