Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Indulgences

I'm still home on Molokai but this is my last day here. We fly to Honolulu tomorrow for a day and a half, then begins the tedious trek back home to New Mexico.

These images are my personal indulgences (be glad that I narrowed it down to a small handful!). Not touristy or representative of the people and landscape here.

The above agave plant is in our yard in Kalae. I was drawn to the silver green color and the graceful lines of the leaves as they unfold.

There's a coconut tree outside of the landing to the condo we are staying in. These are what I call 'baby coconuts'.

This is the bark around the coconut tree.

The forest from whence the leaves came from the sunprint that I had made. These are red bark eucalyptus trees.

I used to ride my horse through this forest. Don't tell my dad, but I used to jump my horse, Missy over the fallen trees.

Hope this grafitti doesn't say bad things...I just loved this oversized container.

A hooded flycatcher. Not native to Hawaii, so it is known as an 'invasive species". He's along the trail to the Kalaupapa Peninsula. Man, can this bird sing and he loves an audience.

Here are the leaves that became the skeleton leaves from the sunprint I made.

And a closeup of the bottom of the trunk of one of those trees.


smith kaich jones said...

Personal indulgences are always the best. :) What a wild forest! It looks like something you'd dream up, not like what I think of when I hear the word forest.

Have a safe & hopefully not too exhausting trip back.

Love, Debi

robin bird said...

it has been so long since my last visit...i did not expect you would still be in your beloved hawaii. the images are so startlingly prehistoric looking. the coconut tree bark, those leaves and the bottom of the tree are my favorites. have a good trip home!

laurel said...

Beautiful pictures of such beautiful things.


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