Sunday, August 03, 2008


I must admit I am exhausted silly, but I've been wanting to post these images. I call them 'abstractions' as they are only parts of a whole. So, here you go. No explanation needed I think, as they speak for themselves. They were taken at Hilo Bay and the road up to Volcano Village.

Here's why I am exhausted: we just hung our group show today. It was HOT and humid. I must have melted several times over.

A year ago, I convinced seven other artists to participate with me in a show that would open on 08/08/08. This became the theme or premise for the show. Eight artists producing eight pieces of artwork 8x8 in dimension. Well, except one of my artists decided to do a piece that was eight feet by eight feet. So, he only did one. Thank goodness! Hanging that puppy was a feat! To find out more about this show, go to:

Lucky day, lucky number.


smith kaich jones said...

Once again, cool pictures & very cool transitions from one photo to the next. These are some really red reds.

I hope you get a chance to catch your breath a little bit, but it sounds like maybe not for a little while yet. I'm on my way to check out the 8x8 show.

Take care, and remember - slow deep breaths . . . :)

Love, Debi

Jaime said...

Oh my goodness...I haven't been here for a while, and what a delight to come and see these gorgeous images! The colours are so wonderfully rich and vibrant!
Nice to see you again :)

smith kaich jones said...

!!! Another award waiting for you over at my place. Stop by when you get a chance & pick it up!

:) Debi


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