Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pohaku Mauliuli Beach

Yesterday was a fantastic day at the beach. We all decided to go to our favorite beach which is located on the west end of the island. The waves were 'flat' which made it perfect for bobbing in the water without getting tossed around too badly. A concern for those with smaller children!

My older brother Pat who now lives in Ft. Worth, Texas. He is a musician as most of my family members are (don't think I can call myself one though). He used to be an avid surfer and fisherman too while growing up here.

We set up under the kiawe trees for some shade. Folks in Texas call these trees mesquite. They grow a lot bigger here.

The younger ones like to play in the tide pools. It's great to see cousins who never met before hooking up with each other so easily.

Another set of tidal pools that gets renewed with fresh seawater with each high tide.

Turning around from the tidal pools is this vista.

And a close up of some of the inhabitants of the tide pool (sea urchin here that we call vanna).

A lot of these stretches of sandy beaches are interrupted by rocky coastline.

The name of this beach translates to 'the place of the falling rock'. It is this piece of land that is mostly red cinder that the name comes from as large rocks fall randomly. We never call it by this name however. We always seem to call it Maki Horse beach. Maki means 'dead' in Hawaiian. The story goes that someone once found a dead horse on this one really knows if this happened, but the 'new name' stuck.


smith kaich jones said...

Dead horse beach?! That is TOO funny. I've been looking at your wonderful photos & wondering how on Earth you're gonna talk yourself into coming back (I may've said that before - sorry!). What beautiful places. I figure that's why no one ever renamed the beach - why bother? Everyone was just chillin' & having a good time, so a new name was probably way down on their list of priorities. Anyway, that's MY fantasy!

:) debi

robin bird said...

goodness these are simply stunning shots and it is so cool to hear how they are part of your earlier life. i'm afraid for me hawaii is a vacation destination although my respect for it's beauty far outstretches that simple description.

laurel said...

Such a beautiful place. Maybe one day I will get to visit it. Glad you had such a wonderful time at home with your family.


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