Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last Saturday, I did a fairly spur of the moment thing and went on a nature walk with folks I didn't know who all signed up for the event at the Wild Bird Center Store in Corrales. We all met at the store at 7:30 in the morning and drove over to a nearby "lake' fishing pond that the birds like to hang out at. Since we are near to the Rio Grande River, we are on the migratory path for many birds. Everyone brought binoculars except me. I couldn't because I didn't know how I could lug a pair of binoculars and my camera gear at the same time. I went in hopes of mabye catpuring some images of some of the birds. Yeah, I know I'm not a wildlife photographer nor do I have the right gear for it, but it seemed like a good spot to get some really neat images.
I had no idea how true that ended up being! I was floored by the beauty of this shangrila not far from my home.
I also found out early on that trying to get a good shot of a bird (any bird) was nearly impossible. They are high up or far away in the canopy of the Cottonwood trees and are either perfectly still (no contrast from the foilage they are among) OR flitting about from one spot to the next. Can you say, "No way, Jose"?
However, the morning light was absolutely perfect; a bit of cloudiness and no wind. Which made for a mirror refelction of everything around the pond's perimeter. Yowsa! And the wild yellow irises were at their peak.
I've done a previous post a long time ago on a similar subject matter; reflections. I could continue to do future posts on reflections as I have a lot of images that have to do with this subject matter. But, I'll spare you and just limit it to these!
I thought the whole scene that I saw before was so captivating and beautiful. Know too, that no tweaking was done to any of these images! This is exactly how I shot them! When everything falls into the right place at the right time, it is CRAZY GOOD!


smith kaich jones said...

These are SO COOL! It freaked me out just alittle when I opened your blog - it felt kinda confusing. What a great little trek.

Raine K said...

Awesome shots Paula!

Laurie said...

Wow Paula! These are beautiful!

redredday said...

like glass...incredible how crisp and clear the reflections are...

robin bird said...

absolutely fabulous photos! you did the trip justice...little birds or not! FYI; i am about to finish the book Molaka'i that i took with me on vacation and have been so moved by the story. it was given to me by my daughter for my birthday this year. she says she has checked it out of the library twice now (she is a librarian) because she so wants to read it. she is a new mom and although reading is part of her job she isn't able to do it as much as she wants. i think they may use the book for a book discussion in the future at her library. i highly recommend it to anyone.

laurel said...

Ah, so beautiful!

Jaime said...

These images are absolutely gorgeous!!!


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