Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kiss Me!

Finished this one last week along with another called "Homeward Bound" (both are mixed media). Now I need to stop doing stuff like this long enough to complete my pieces for the 8 x 8 show! Isn't it funny how when you're supposed to be doing one thing, you find yourself wanting to pursue other things? What do they call this in psychology? "Aproach-avoid" conflict? Something like that. I forget.

I ended up calling it "Kiss Me!" because my husband said that the found objects look like LIPS.

1 comment:

smith kaich jones said...

A very sensual piece. The top object looks like a breast, and then obviously lips and . . . well, you figure out the bottom object. I just posted a photo of a very sexy looking rose - must be something in the air!



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