Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celebrating the Mundane

We are staying at a friend's house in Angel Fire for the weekend. It is always beautiful up here in the mountains! The home we are staying at is beautiful too...I had to take these snaps; most are rather mundane things, but I still find beauty in it all. From a decorative plate, the side of a jar, the tile floor, my son's skateboard, a's all good!
Post Script: These are all about fleeting moments in time. That's what life is comprised of, these fleeting moments. Many things pass us by without our noticing them. But, when you do get into the habit of noticing more and more of these fleeting moments in time, you are more able to connect to that concept of 'living inthe moment'. We say the words so easily, but in practice, it is oh so illusive and difficult to practice!


smith kaich jones said...

So glad to see more photos from you. I really liked - in addition to the photos, which by the way, kind of "went" with the words Angel Fire, all being warm colors - the segue from each photo to the next. On purpose? Did you plan the way you positioned them? Or are you just a natural? Either way, very nice!


Paula Scott said...

Yes, the order is just about always intentional when I post. A bit obsessive, eh? As I was looking through them after I posted them, I noticed the color palette being very warm.
Thanks for chicking in!

Raine K said...

Gorgeous stuff, as always!

robin bird said...

goodness you are a prolific artist! i 'met you' over at debi's blog and followed your 'blooming encouragement' to her over here to your many blogs. you have some stunning photos and are wonderfully ambitious in your pursuit of creative expression. i will be back to visit again soon!
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

laurel said...

Your photography is beautiful. It is a visual feast.

Annette said...

Although your title celebrating the mundane is totally appropriate, I find myself thinking that that is an understatement, I believe you have released the magical in the mundane -- captured the glimmer of the mystical just beyond the veil of our everyday lives. Thanks for reminding me of that :)


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