Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Terminator IV

Those of us living in Albuquerque and the surrounding metro area know that they have been shooting the "Terminator IV" movie here. They have been shooting extensively and have movie sets everywhere. Lucky for them, we have a lot of stuff here that needs little or no alteration for the effects they are going after! Witness the Albuquerque Railyard. Perfect, already made set for them. Since they began shooting, it's been off limits though (boo). They have been oh so secretive about it all.

Last week, when we were driving up to Angel Fire they were in the process of filming something just north of Algodones; a factory that had great smoke stacks on them and they made it look all burnt and everything. We stopped by on the way back so that I could take a photo of it, but in no time flat, a security gaurd was upon us. I got one great shot and then I had to delete it. Argh! I am thinking of driving back up there again and taking shots from across the way (they can't stop me from doing that). It's so cool looking.

Oh, and then yesterday I was at the Sunrise Bank building downtown viewing the installation of The Cradle Project (a must see for residents here in NM; what a historical project!). I was glad that I sumitted an entry (my piece is number 299 in the exhibit). We ran into our friend, Pat Berrett who knows everything that's going on in the local film industry and he said that the star of the movie is staying in that building. Whoever that is (I don't know if it's public information or if that is being kept secret since Arhhnold is now the Gov of CA). I'm just not in the know!

You know, I didn't mean to go on so much in this post about this move, but I must've needed the purging!

OK, so the first image you see here is a pink calla lilly from my garden. It's so pretty and this is the first year where I'm actually getting more than one bloom as it takes a few years for the bulb to multiply which is what gives you multiple blooms. Yay!

The next one is a multiple exposure of a mosaic mirror tile reflecting orb, a rose and the Japanese maple in my back yard. I was experimenting with a whole series of multiple exposures of stuff in my this garden. I should take an overall photo of the garden that these things reside in so that you have a reference. Let's hope that a) I remember to do that and b) I remember to post it and reference it back to this!


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smith kaich jones said...

Once again, beautiful photos & beautiful juxtaposition. I photo'd some callas in Mary's yard yesterday - my favorite is the one that has not yet unfurled. Hers are the normal orange ones. She also has red cannas (I think! I'm so bad w/flower names) & I cannot wait until they bloom. The stalks are already as tall as me.

I laughed at your Arnold story. Terminator IV indeed.

:) Debi


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