Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Hours

Something to ponder... how would you spend your time if your knew that you had less than twentyfour hours to live?

No, really, how would you spend that time?

Would you eat everything that you're not supposed to eat? Would you tie one on in a big way? would you withdraw all your money and spend it foolishly? Would you be terrified?

It's something that we really don't think about and it's a concept that is very hard to examine in its truest sense. It has been said over and over again to live each moment as though it were your last. The words roll off the tongue fairly easy, but I think under ordinary circumstances, we can only think about it on an intellectual level.

I dunno...I think I know what I would do, but will I do it should I know without a shadow of a doubt that I had less than twentyfour hours?

The image posted here is a game board of sorts; tic tac toe it looks like to me. Taken at the house we stayed in when we were in Angel Fire this past weekend.

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redredday said...

wondering...what got you thinking of this, Paula. this post caught me a little off guard. i think one wouldn't really know until it is really the case. i imagine that i would just spend in peace, at home, with those close to me. and probably try to clean up some stuff and not leave too much of a mess. heh.
the photo of the tic tac toe is beautiful. love how the 0's are made.


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