Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Fortune

Here are a couple good fortunes from Chinese Fortune cookies this week:
1) Your present plans are going to succeed.
2) You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction.
Oh yes, I'll take these two good fortunes! I need to post it in giant sized fonts on my studio walls. What wonderful affirmations, huh?
The images you see here are from my friend's yard. I went over to her house a few weeks ago and did a photo shoot of her chickens. I never realized how difficult it is to photograph them as the are always in constant motion and they are low to the ground!
In the shed is a bunch of memorabilia related to trains. So are the signs on the back wall of the yard.
I love the stove; it is so nostaglic! The nailheads with the number on them are railroad tie nails. Way back then, the nails were imprinted with the year they were placed in the railroad tie (I learned that tidbit from Kim Mason a few years back as I bought a pair of earrings that she made from the nailheads). That way they knew how long it had been there and would replace as needed depending on its age. After a while, they stopped doing it that way (probably too hard to manage) and went to a system where all the nails get changed at the same time.
Lupe, the black chicken followed us around. She's a very curious creature that just loves to hang with the crowd; the rest of the chickens were more concerned with eating!
So, there you have it! I took tons of photos but I'm being good in sparing you from having to view more than what I've posted here. Enjoy!

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Regina said...

I like the lighting in these pics. My favorite is the one of the stove - really cool structure. And Lupe doesn't seem to mind posing at all! Where ya been, girl?


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