Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tour of Silver City

What a road trip! What a workshop! The best workshop I've taken so far. Leighanna and I went down to Silver City last week for an acrylic workshop in encaustic effects taught by Nancy Reyner. It's part of Golden Paint Living Artist workshop series. Wow! Every aspect of the workshop and trip was wow! We took the scenic drive down through Magdelena and saw the Very Large Array.
We stayed at the Palace Hotel which used to be a bank building. In fact, I think many of the buildings there used to be bank buildings (being the central hub to all the surrounding mining towns).
We took a lot of pictures; so many that I think I'll have to do the VLA (very large array), the graveyard and the City of Rocks as seperate posts.
Scroll down to the subsequent post here for more images from Silver City. I'd like to post nearly all that I took, but...I'll be good and refrain!

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Leau said...

These are great, I knew you would love it!


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