Monday, March 03, 2008

Glass Negative Nun

Isn't she amazing? I went up to Santa Fe (well, El Dorado to be exact) to visit Laura who is a collector/sellor of art epherma. Nope, she doesn't do email (doesn't even own a computer), so there is no link or website to provide. If you want her contact information, just email me through my profile and I'll send it to you. Raine and I have been buying these negatives from her over the past year and a half. We've become self-appointed gaurdians of this mysterious stash of images that are from one of the eight photo studios in Albuquerque at the turn of the 20th century. We'd like to think that it is from a studio that was run by a woman, called the Cobb Studio. However, there is nothing to substantiate it save for perhaps the same kinds of props used in images that are from the Cobb Studio (which makes it inconclusive). There are no inventory markings that indicate which studio these negatives came from. And, I must confess, I'm not done doing my homework as to the exact name of this photographic process. That will come in due time...there are many unanswered questions. There is something about looking at all these images taken from the cross section of life during that time frame. Who are these people? In this case, it's apparent that what we have here is more than likely someone who just took her final vows or just became a novitiate (the period of being a novice in a religious order). I've been waiting for over a year for Laura to release this last batch of images to the world; particularly this one. But, really they are all enigmatic. Maybe someday we will be able to exhibit these images so that others can see what a diverse and interesting cultural community Albuquerque was at the turn of the 20th century.


Regina said...

Amazing image! I think the most fascinating thing about the glass negatives is that even though you have some idea what the subject on the negative is, seeing that actual picture when it's reversed is thrilling and always a surprise.

smith kaich jones said...

OMG - My heart almost stopped when I saw this! How would I get in touch with this woman? Is it possible to do so long distance or would I have to come to New Mexico?

Debi (Smith Kaich Jones)


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