Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's like a collective 'someone' a long time ago said, hmm...I think I'll paint this town red. Blue. Orange. Yellow. Green. Pink. Purple. Heck, I'll just paint this town with an abundance of color!
It is such a visual feast everywhere you go; particularly in the art district which is all of the downtown area! It's like arriving hungry at an all you can eat banquet that has really good food (speaking of which, they have a small handful of fantastic restaurants there).
I could do a segment alone on just the doorways. And the fences. And the windows. The architecture. Heck, even a tire that had contained a tree many years ago (the tree won) was cut decoratively and painted yellow.
And I couldn't figure out why the string of pearls was on the rear view mirror of an old car, but it was a nice touch.


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bridgette said...

it is a visual feast! It reminds me of when I would visit my family in Guatemala-the wonderful, unbelievable colors on people's houses!

I love getting glimpses into your photo journeys.


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