Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Voices From the Past...

I had been interviewed by the Albuquerque Journal a couple of weeks ago for an article that appeared in the Rio Rancho insert for the Sunday Albuquerque Journal. The reason for the interview was for the upcoming event hosted by the Art Gallery 66 for the Rio Rancho Art Association exhibition. Only Board and Committee members were allowed to participate in this, and I felt honored several times over for all of these opportunities. But, the point of this rambling is that one of the interview questions was, "what are my sources of inspiration for my art?". How do I answer that in one sentence, let alone, two or three or more? So many things inspire me. Take for example what you see posted here. The paper the work is on is about 5" x 7". It was from an estate sale of a woman who had already left this life as we know it. But she felt so much like a kindred spirit as I went through the endless stash of art supplies. I bought quite a bit which included what look like practice pieces, work in progress and probably work discarded or abandoned for the time being. I bought it not knowing why or what I would do with things that she had begun to make her marks on. This paper had quite a bit of the visual information you see by way of the lines and color. I decided to add to it and develop one area of color into a creature. Then, I added one of my glass negative images that is of a baby in a long gown propped on a chair. Suffice it to say, that the inspiration for this piece came from the past. People who no longer are. My son who is my best art critic, says it is a bit creepy even if he was fascinated by it.

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paris parfait said...

It is fascinating - I love how you took the beginning of someone else's art and made it uniquely your own.


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