Friday, November 09, 2007

November's ATC

This month's ATC theme for our group is: "Embellishments". I think I made about 24 of these, but no two are alike. Originally, I thought I would go over the top with a Baroque kind of thing that would involve the use of lots of lace and faux pearls. But somehow or other, the project took me in this direction. I encountered more technical difficulties with my approach, so I ended up having to adapt as I went along. These are very textural cards which involve glue, clear embossing powder, tar gel, glitter, buttons, metal leafing, irridescent plastic paper and very fuzzy yarn. Some are kinda pretty, some border on being a bit grotesque; depending on your perspective. Funny thing is, I can't make tomorrow's trade since I'll be at a workshop all weekend!

1 comment:

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Can't wait to get one of these beauties! BTW, I saved one for you too...


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