Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This is my posting for the Inspire Me Thrusday (IMT) challenge for this week, which is "square". I went for the plural as I felt compelled to do three squares (so, would that be a cube??).
These images are from my SX-70 Time Zero Polaroid film (sadly, Polaroid no longer makes this film as of March 2006). The top and bottom images are on slide film transposed to Polaroid film. They are of the swimming pool water at my brother's home in Hawaii. These two images are not manually manipulated (that almost sounds redundant, but it's not!) as I usually do with my SX-70 images. The middle one of the pinwheel is manipulated, however. Most of the alteration in that image is done by hand. Very little was done digitally.


megan said...

these are TRES cool. When I clicked on the 3rd one to enlarge it, I truly felt like i was under water! They feel alive & electric. Amazing film and amazing eye!

Leau said...

You see things! Great images, love the manipulations.

platinum blonde said...

wow! really like the middle one

navylane said...

these are very cool! love how you manipulated the middle image. Thanks for participating at Inspire Me Thursday!


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