Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall Equinox

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. My favorite time of the year where the light is absolutely beautiful; it makes everything extremely photogenic. It's not too hot and it's not too cold. Like Goldilock's porridge!
I took some photos last year of the jimson weed (made famous by O'Keefe in her paintings). Perhaps this will become an annual thing for me to shoot. The one posted here is this year's and it was taken late in the day.
The "Manure Only" sign is from the State Fair. I think I need to go there next year for the sole purpose of taking photos! A lot visual fodder if you'll pardon my pun! : ) Several of us were crazy enough to think that we could sell art at the State Fair (what were we thinking?). Leau logged in most of the booth sitting hours and she wrote her observations for each day she was there. Her friend, Tara in Paris posted two of her writings so far (Day One and Day Two), so bookmark her blog and go back regularly to check for the rest of the postings for the State Fair. It's all true and rather amusing in a sick sorta way!
Next in the line up is a close up of pinwheel in a planted in my backyard.
Some prickly pears down the street that are just perfect. If only they weren't on someone's property. I'd pick them and eat them! I can't believe people let those beautiful fruits go to waste.
The little purple flower (larkspur) is in my backyard and so is the New Mexico sunflower. Yea, we have our own indigineous sunflower! There should be a romantic movie named, "Under the New Mexican Sun" where the opening shot is fields and fields of New Mexico sunflowers!

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Leau said...

sooooo beautiful, it's gonna be a great fall here, I see lots of photo opps in the future. smooches, Leau


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