Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going, Going, Gone...

Photos by Merle Kennedy
Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there is something about the number 10 in my life.
My sister was born when I was ten (significant if you were the only girl among four brothers).
Ten years later, I moved from Hawaii to San Diego.
Ten years later, I moved from San Diego to the Los Angeles County area.
Ten years later, I moved to New Mexico.
I started working in the Admissions Office at UNM (University of New Mexico) in 1997. Tomorrow will be my last day there after ten years.
Ten years ago my father in law died.
Ten years ago, my mother died (Oct. 1st).
You see the pattern? Pretty weird, huh? It takes my breath away. It seems to be rather consistent, this number ten in my life.
It is funny how people ask me,” what are you going to do after UNM?”. Although it has certainly become a part of my identity, I know that there is so much of ‘me’ that isn’t UNM. I’ve come to learn that there is the “we of me” where each person in my life contributes something to who I am (thanks, Leau for your discussion on this!). Conversely, in reading the goodbye cards from my friends and colleagues yesterday, I also see that there is the “me of we”. I realize too, what I have been able to contribute to other people’s lives.
Here’s ten things about me that isn’t UNM:
1) Dance is my first love-I wasn’t able to pursue it until I hit college in 1972. I’ve been dancing ever since.
2) I love to cook.
3) I love to garden.
4) I’m a research nerd.
5) I’ve been referred to by others as a curandera.
6) I used to train restaurant wait staff on fine wine and how to sell it.
7) I’ve been a tomboy most of my life.
8) I can always see the positive side to anything.
9) Learning to live in the moment (jublio de vida) is my lifetime project.
10) I am an eclectic person and much of my work reflects my personal philosophy and eclectic approach to life.
Although I am reluctant to leave the life I've had for the past ten years (I really love this line of work) and the 'family' that I've had here on campus, it seems that it is time for me to step through another door and work on new projects. My family is my first priority (ok, wait, it's supposed to be me that is the first priority, but you know what I mean).
I just see this as the universe's way of giving me that nudge out the door. As though I'm being directed to find out what it's like to be a full time artist! Eghads!


Litza Pie said...

I was just told about blogger from the minister of the Unitarian church in a meeting tonight. She told me about this feature where you could look at pictures as they are being uploaded. When I looked at it, I realized you could see information about the images uploaded, and saw that you were in Rio Rancho. I am in Albuquerque. I stopped the images to look at your blog. Just too much coincidence not to comment. I grew up in Chicago area and went to Maui for my honeymoon, but otherwise, NM is our commonality.

Blessed Be,


Leau said...


Anonymous said...

You always make me smile and sometimes cry too! You DO see the best in every situation and I will take all your lessons to heart. I miss you already but I know we still have many days ahead of friendship and comraderie.


Anonymous said...

I love the photos of you walking away - ingenious!
Your comments are so full of positivity that no matter what you do, you will do it well.
#10 - very intereesting.
Lots of luck and love from us both.

redredday said...

hi Paula! how did i miss this post earlier? i love it when people make number connections and list random things about themselves. do you know that number 10 is the number for rebirth (according to wikipedia)? break it down to a single digit in numerology, it is 1, and that is the number for the individual, the initiator of things. i'm excited for you that you'll be starting a new 10 year phase and more. you got so many talents, for sure you're going to have a ball!

redredday said...

p.s. my thoughts are with you for your mom today...


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