Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Art Of Healing...the Curanderos/as

Once a year about this time people come from near and far for symposiums, workshops, etc. on the art of curandero (a). I love going over to watch them when they have a health fair out on the plaza on campus (University of New Mexico). It is a sight for me to behold.
I also love to record the event by way of photos, but it is difficult to do without being disruptive and disrepectful. For the most part, I sit and absorb.
Many people come to these healers in hope that they will cure their ailments. I find dissonance in the way we westerners live our lives; always in search of the quick fix without much regard as to the cause of our ailment. We fall so short on the mind/body/spirit connection. We express alarm at the ever increasing rise in diabetes as we reach for our fries and our sodas. And then there is the false notion that the pill perscribed by our doctor will take care of the problem...
I find it all very discouraging and dismaying, yet I am hopeful that we as a society will learn and get smart about it. I guess I'm just impatient as I see how it affects my family as I stand by helplessly and watch the slow destruction.
I'm hoping that perhaps, perhaps in my little bit of venting here, I can serve to influence at least one person out there who will take this to heart. You can't just rely on a healer to heal you; the healer needs you to help them to help you...

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