Friday, August 03, 2007

In Your Dreams and Life...

...nothing is impossible.
Quote taken from a Chinese Fortune cookie.
A good fortune, don't you think?
These are images from my friend's house, Leighanna. This is where we met once a month all of last year when we were doing our 52 Weeks project (too long a story to go into here if you don't know about it). I love going over to her house; it is a visual eye feast for me. Everywhere you look, her home is covered in artwork; not just hers, but work that she buys from fellow artists (I think the most consistent patrons of art are other artists).
I was over there the other weekend because she was going to show me how she did her photography set up when she shoots images of her work. We decided to make a brunch out of it and share stories and talk about all the things that we talk about. Raine was there too, and some neighbors dropped by for a short spell. A bottle of champagne appeared and we remembered why we don't drink in the middle of the day since it goes right to our head! We always laugh a lot and ooh and ahh over all kinds of things and get inspired.
I always leave her house with such a sense of fullness; not fullness from eating, but a fullness of the spirit of art. Does that make sense?
As I pulled out of her driveway looking at her iconographic green mailbox I remembered that we FORGOT to do go over how she shoots her images!

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