Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pieces of Magdelena

This past weekend I was in Magdelena, New Mexico to do an Art Show (hawking my wares, really). I was there with friends Raine and Regina (and Laurie was our fabulous hostess). Susan See was there too and met up with us. I didn't sell much, BUT I did leave with a very rich library of photographic images. I only took 349 images, but who's counting? Raine and I escaped for a bit to go and take picutes of this town that is full of history. We didn't get very far from where we were situated since we stumbled into a wonderful junkyard. These are some of the images from this junkyard escapade.
Let me back up a bit and give a snippet of history on Magdelena. It was the last regularly used cattle trail in the U.S. The trail was 125 miles that extended from Magdelena across the San Augustin Plains (I assume that's in Arizona). Annually, herds were gathered in the western part of New Mexico and Eastern Arizona for the drive to Magdelena.* The Santa Fe railway would move the cattle from there to various parts of the country. Now, picture Bonanza, Raw Hide and the like of all those western shows centered around this lifestyle!
The first image of the building is still in use; at least the front section of it anyway. It's a restaurant and ice cream parlor (Darrows). Take note of the second arch from the left. The next image is a front on detail. Standing in front of it and looking straight up is the detail of the burnt interior of the arch. Really neat stuff as far as I'm concerned! If I didn't have a telephoto lens, I couldn't have had that detailed shot (thanks, Mark!).
Next up are a two of the many old trucks in the junkyard; details of them.
Then there's the rusty can and the rusty hoe detail. I dunno, these kinds of up close shots really mean a lot to me; I think most people could care less. I find the details to be rich and fascinating. I think its a sense of acuity...
Then we have Raine sitting on a city trash can trying to get in close on a very old fire hydrant. Next shot is the top of the fire hydrant, and then a detail of the top of the fire hydrant. Like I said, it's these details that REALLY send me. Look at all those layes and colors and textures! You have to get real close to the object to see all of that.
Again, it's all about the details! The top of an abandoned outhouse.
The patina from the side of an old boxcar.
Another view of the side of the boxcar (not so much a detail).
And, the lovely curve of the boxcar and the outline of it against the blue New Mexico sky.
I just can't help myself. I am a sucker for stuff that most people don't give a second thought to.
And then....there's the graveyard in Magdelena. Another thing that a lot of folks wouldn't understand the "why" of it. Perhaps I'll post those images (or, some of them) the next time I post. I have a lot to say about that venture too.
*Historical information is from "Roadside History of New Mexico" by Francis L. and Roberta Fugate (eighth printing April 2005).


Chris said...

I think I recognize the girl with her back turned.

cobaltika said...

what a wonderful trip! to magdalena *and* to the cemetery. the images you have made are very beautiful.

i have just come to visit you from red day blog and what a treat! i lived in corrales and abq for several years before moving to kansas. it was in my pre-photography days, with two small girls, and i missed SOOOO much. but now i can come and visit you and see these things. thank you!!


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