Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In Three Quarter Time

Names of images in order of appearance from top to bottom: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cherub, Cross, Yucca, Alfonso, Old Cross, Truck, Holy Family, Sorrowful Mary, Praying Mary, Mary and Teapot, Tiny Mary, Detail of Jesus, Lady of Guadalupe, Lamb of God)
I as mentioned in yesterday's post, these are the images of the cemetery in Magdelena. Truth be told, the cemetery commands the most beautiful vista that Magdelena has to offer. In hindsight, I should've taken a panoramic shot of the vista, but was so enraptured with all that this graveyard was, that I neglected to do so.
Different cemeteries have different 'vibes'. The one on Edith here in the valley emanates a profound sense of sorrow. This one here in Magdelena, all I could feel was the incredible amount of love that those who are buried here have. So many of the grave sites had so many meaningful touches to them. Reminders to the loved ones who had passed on that just because they are not in the physical form, they are not forgotten. So many of the sites too, seem to have been there for ages and ages on end. Such as the one with the Old Cross. The one on Edith has many of these personal touches too, but somehow, the emotion that is felt is so dramatically different.
Mary with the Teapot. Can anyone explain that one to me? I didn't get it, but I was so pleased to see it! Tiny Mary was on the other side of that teapot (which had insense sticks in it).
While we were there wrapped up in the moment, an old truck came rambling through. The driver stopped and got out and I think he put flowers or something at a gravesite; obvously someone that he cared for. It was hard not to take pictures of that moment, but it couldn't be done without being disrespectful. I did love the series of balls on the antanae of the truck; I barely caught that with the camera.
That visit to the cemetery was so spiritually uplifting for me. I can't go visit my loved ones who have passed on like this; they are all too far away. Only on my treks home do I get to do so. Somehow or other, having the ability to visit the burial site of your loved one keeps the 'connection' going. We still exist in this physical world, so we need physical acts like this. Perhaps that is why I left Magdelena feeling so spiritually lifted and at peace...
And the title of this blog? It's part of a phrase from a Jimmy Buffet song. I can't remember the entire line of lyrics, but the song is about living and dying in three quarter time. I would say that the lyrics in general is about the transcience of life and how fleeting it is.

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