Thursday, May 03, 2007

One Fine Day in Algadones...

I made reference to this trip a couple of weeks ago; several of us went on a quick road trip to go see a sellor of epherma (kinda like an antiuque broker, but specifically, epherma that artists would be inerested for art assemblages, etc.)
On the way back, I realized that a couple of my passengers had never seen Algadones (just north of Bernalillo). Quaint little town. It has many rural elements that remind me of home and of Mexico, yet it is neither! And, of course, we had to stop and get out to take pictures. Again, think "many bodies, one mind" kind of thing and that's what we are. There's no hope for us!
The local parish there was having their Fiesta that day and some of the guys had their cars out on display.
It was one of those "picutre perfect" days (sigh...really bad pun, I know, I know...).

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