Thursday, April 26, 2007

Evidence: Riding the Railrunner

OK, so my son John has to do extra credit for his science class and it involved riding the public transportation system. Not an easy feat here in Rio Rancho (much easier in town where there are more bus lines, etc.). So, yesterday we headed out; the plan was to take the bus from Rio Rancho to the Railrunner Train and ride it to Bernallilo, then turn around and come home the same way.
The bus never showed up yesterday (the 3:40 p.m. #151 bus), so we had to abort. I decided that the bus was not reliable, so we drove to the train station today and caught it from there. Great ride; air conditioned; great views. John was annoyed at my shutterbug activites, but I took the shot of him without his knowing (after many failed attempts at geting him to pose for me). He'll be miffed at my posting his image here, but, oh well! Small price to pay for the episode!

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