Friday, April 20, 2007

Sleauthing in Seattle...

OK, OK, so I lied. I said in the last post that that was it for images from the Artfest 2007 trip. I forgot all about the image files from the day we spent in Seattle. Regina went home ahead of us, so it was Raine, Leau and I. Three shutterbugs...we'd be walking along and without even thinking, someone takes their camera out and starts to take pictures, and the other two aren't paying attention because they're doing the same thing. No one pays heed to where the others are, but somehow or other, we manage to find each other and continue on. "Three minds, one body" I think is what Leau referred to us as!
So, in a "pocket park" in downtown Seattle is this enclosed park with a waterfall, Japanese maples, water chains, and scattered seating areas. Very peaceful, very zen. First image is of a water chain in that park.
Next image: I caught the reflection of an old building in a window. It seemed surreal...
Alleyways; so many of them in Seattle! I'm not used them, so being the faithful tourist, I take pictuers of what is novel and fascinating to me. Added bonus is the eerie glowing light effect.
Looking up at the beautiful archtecture (this town REALLY outdoes itself with its architecture) is the famous Pioneer Building. The patterns, color, texture, reflections in that moment had to be captured.
The next one of the cogs or wheels...well I have no idea what they are. What caught me was the combination of the old and the new (the parking sturcture behind it). Raine took a different image of a different set of buildings, but had the same caption of "old and new" too. I don't think she posted it, though. She's been busy playing with her encaustic art and the glass negatives we picked up on Saturday (
The next one is of Raine. We got up early every morning to go out and take photos. The fire station was too good to pass up, but I had to get one of her getting her shot!
Then, we have my friend at the Public Market, the bean eater. The Public Market was a blast! Something to fill all senses with. This is the home of the first Starbucks Store, folks.
I have a whole series of neon light signs that I took and perhaps I'll remember to post those at a future date.
Last image...well, that would be Jesus (of course!). : )

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