Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Artfest 2007 Photos

More images from our Artfest 2007 trip at Ft. Worden. The one with the pink flowers was in a flower bed out in front of a gallery; the orange behind it is a blown glass flower.
Second one is a close up of the cemetary gate at the Fort.
The next one (orange and red) is a close up of Raine's ( encaustic piece that she did in class. Cool texture, huh?
The next one is of the melted encaustic colors in Patricia Seggebruch's class that we took on Thursday (
The blurred shot is our first day of artwork that the four of us came home with and plunked on the coffee table for show and tell.
Perhaps the one of Ft. Worden is obvious as to what it is...
Then we have a tree trunk with peeling bark and a rusty eave of the gas station of green peeling paint. Loved all the textures and states of rotting on everything (a homeowners nightmare).
That's Raine and Regina on the beach when we did an early morning run to take photos (brrrrr!!!).
And, last, a spiral rock shrine done by a Melissa Manley( She was in the class that Leau took on Friday taught by Anahata Katkin ( The work produced by all the students in this class was simply amazing from what I saw at the show and tell on Saturday night. I think she will be a "must take" for me if I go again next year.
Since then, we have done another outing and so this will be the last post of Artfest 2007 images since I feel the urge to post the others that I have taken yesterday.
In the meantime, back to writing my Art History paper on self portraits done by Caterina van Hessemen, Artemisia Gentileschi, and Adelaide Labille-Guiard!
Only three more weeks...only three more weeks...

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Sus said...

These are some GORGEOUS shots gal!! Especially the first one (pink). Wonderful composition of hard glass vs the sensual flower petals. Just lovely.


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