Monday, April 09, 2007

Artfest 2007

Several of us were at Artfest 2007 in Port Townsend, WA last week (March 28-April 1). The workshops were fabulous and the area is incredibly photogenic! I took nearly 600 images while there. Raine and I started shooting from the plane not long after take0ff (as soon as the announcement came on giving the go-ahead for electronic equipment). We were in "hog heaven" the entire time! It was hard to choose what to post for the first run of images.
From the plane, I believe that the snow-capped mountain is Mt. Hood (any experts out there can go ahead and correct me).
The event was held at Ft. Worden; a state park that used to be a military post. It got me a bit disoriented at first as the direction to the ocean faced east since it was on the inside tip of the peninsula. It's so damp out there from all the rain and ocean air that everything is in a state of deterioration (unlike the dry climate of New Mexico where nothing seems to rot). Raine and I had a field day taking close ups of rusts and patinas and peeling paint...
The other images are from the Abstract Pouring frenzy class I took on my second day there, a very sassy crow, rusty cable, kelp growing on a pebble and the ferry that goes out to Bainbridge Island (that's the ferry we had to take to get across to the part of the peninsula where the event was).
What a fabulous trip that was on soooo many levels!
I'll post more images as time permits...


Raine K said...

The ferry photo is magic!

Raesha D said...

OOH I love it! I grew up about an hour from Port Townsend (Silverdale to be exact, if you passed through it:)) Fort Worden is so cool - we had my 6th grade class retreat there. The ferry from Bainbridge Island is awesome.


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