Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sprrringtime is here! It doesn't matter if I have time or not, I had to get out in the yard to take care of cleaning things up before things start to grow back in. Spent Sunday afternoon and yesterday evening doing that (not done yet, but got some major work done). So, here are some images that I took in between hauling out debris from my garden beds and pruning and clipping and...who needs a gym membership when there's yardwork to do?
While cleaning out the area that has some native grass, something moved from underneath and came up to the top of the rock. It was this lovely, lovely luna moth (of which I am totally enthralled with). He wasn't ready to fly away; he must've just come out of his cocoon and since there was no sun to warm him up, he was quite still. So, it gave me a good chance to hone my portaiture skills on moths. I just love the furry texture on his wings! So smooth and soft and.....fuzzy!
The pink buds are from the red bud tree. Why they call it a red bud tree when the buds are pink are beyond me! The other image is a detail from a metal chicken that's supposed to be a bird house, and the last image is of my trusy and favorite pair of gardening shoes. Makes me think of Van Gogh's drawings of his shoes. They have a life of their own.
And, tomorrow, four of us art buddies are off to Washington State for the Artfest 2007 Google it) for several days of art frenzy and workshops galore. The event is being held at Ft. Worden State Park located in Port Townsend which is that finger of a peninsula across the bay from Seattle (ok, I dont know if that's really a bay per se, but an inlet of some sort...). Such a huge adventure of learning and fun and comraderie!
All I can say is-WOO HOO!!!!

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