Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Stumbled into a notebook from 1976 (college notes) from one of my favorite classes; Physiological Psychology. I should take it again someday; I'm sure there's a lot more that is known now than (oh m'gosh has it been thirtyone years ago?) waaay back then.
The teacher was very organized and methodical in his approach to the lecture, so my notes from this class are quite organized; the pen I used was a fountain pen; the cheap ol' Shaffer ones. Our climate in New Mexico is too dry, so these pens don't hold up well here. But, this was back in San Diego; a wee bit more humid there.
Well, I'm really just rambling on about nothing; I'm supposed to be doing my homework! Only seven more weeks and I'm done!! Yippee!!!

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Sus said...

Dang you've got good handwriting!! Or you did in 1976, *lol* I think the only college notes I've kept were from my art (studio & history) classes. Even now though I have a hard time reading my scribble!


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