Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In search of serenity...

It seems like ages since I last blogged (bless me father, for I have not last blog was...). This is the time of the year when I knew it was going to be rough sailing; in the midst of my last semester with soooo many irons in the fire! So much happens in one day that my brain is having a major meltdown! And of course, our workload in the Admissions Office at UNM has more than doubled. Yesterday afternoon we hung our show (Leighanna posted a blog earlier today with some of the photos of the hanging: It was a 3 hour process!! But, to see the body of work on a collaborative project like this is amazing! What's even more mind boggling is that what we brought in to hang was only a portion of the body of work that we all produced in the past year. The five of us learned so much from each other and from ourselves in this collaboration. We discovered that, in sailing out to the horizon, another horizon will always be in front of you to reach for! We discovered a new kind of creative energy that I think we all learned to tap into just by comitting to producing work weekly. The lessons are too numerous for me to recall at this frazzled state that I am in! But, back to the serenity thing. I am literally stretched to my physical limits between balancing the work/life/art thing at this moment in time. Commencement is around the corner and I also need to tend to the business of getting things in order for that. I can't believe that this part of the journey is coming to a close. The feeling will be one of great triumph, but on a very personal level. But, this precarious balancing act is taking it's toll and I find a great urge to become reclusive (again) and withdraw from society! So, I'm posting this peacful buddah to remind myself to focus on the 'yoga breathing' and keep it all in perspective. I'm on the home stretch!

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