Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Living Glass

Driving back from Taos to Rio Rancho I caught out of the corner of my eye what I thought was a table full of 'slag glass' for sale at this really cool art gallery. I got Mark to turn around and go back and lo and behold, it is! I took a ton of close ups of the glass and in looking at it here at home, it almost seems to be alive. As to whether or not this is slag glass, I have my doubts. I Googled slag glass and it described something very different from this. All I know is that this is probably the discards from the bottom of the glass vat from the glass manufacturer's (they are really big chunks of glass).
Eye candy for me!
Anyway, the name of the little area that this is in is called Rincon. The name of the gallery is called Rift. Stop by and see them sometime and make sure you have some spending money. They have really beautiful things.
And yes, I did buy some glass...


Raine K said...

Very cool stuff!

&rew said...

I have to take note of that town in case I go there in the future. These photos are beautiful!


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