Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Second Time Around

Hold it! These are images from the FIRST time around! Circa 1978 at SDSU (San Diego State University). A warm, sunny Saturday morning in the football stadium with about 2,000 or more other students. Didn't really have family there except for my previous husband and his parents who came down from Portuguese Bend. Coming from Hawaii, that would count as "no one came"! First degree was in Psychology and I really enjoyed the program. But second time around, it seems all the more sweeter...pursuing something that I was terrified to pursue, yet something that I am passionate about.
So, it's about to become a reality. I think it's been eight loooong years of doing one class a semester (with a break here and there) and balancing it out with life, family and work.
My name is in the program. I've bought my cap and gown and honor chord.
My sister is sending flower leis from Hawaii.
Friends and family will be there to hoot and holler at me (I think).
Wow...butterflies in the stomach. I thought I was all done with getting butterflies in the stomach! Here's the part where time starts to feel a bit surreal and lving in the present moment feels off-centered.


Leau said...

I will be the loudest one there!! Congrats! (heart) Leau

Queentypo said...

Hey, you don't look ANY different since then. I wish you the best on Saturday!


Queentypo said...

Hey you don't look any different! It's all that good, clean New Mexico living, eh?

Congratulations and best wishes!

Sus said...

I so wish I could of been there friend but my thoughts were with ya!

p.s. Those are some crazy platform shoes you've got on! *lol*


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