Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Graduate 2007

ALWAYS with a camera in hand!
High five from Deanna and marching in with Charlie
congrats line
Yea, I'm marching!
Charlie and Helen
One of my mentors, Lydia Madrid
(The Scott's 3) So, there you have it. The big ceremony of pomp and circumstance. I was soooo surprised to see my friend, Charlie (that's her name) there; she dropped out of a class we were both in last Spring 2006 and I thought she had given up when she was only a few classes from completion. We were both in Modern Art History too in Fall 2005.
Helen just completed her Master's; we had been in several printmaking classes a few years back; after Intaglio II, I think she decided to go for it and applied to grad school and got in. No easy feat in the Fine Arts Department here. It's pretty cool that we both finished up in the same semster. A long haul for both of us!
The first photo of me with the camera tells it all. Yep, I took that puppy with me into the ceremony and took pictures. Have camera, will travel. Raine took the first one, the rest are courtesy of proud husband, Mark.
For more of Raine's images, go to:

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Becky New said...

WOW~! Paula you look soooo happy! This was surely a wonderful day! Fun to see your photos!


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