Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New direction

Day two of the Monotype printmaking workshop. M'gosh; have learned so much already. I just hope that I can retain most of it. I definitely will come back to the same workshop in 2008 as the teacher is excellent and will have new material and I can relearn things that I didn't retain! I'm so excited about working with non-toxic water based intaglio inks. I see the possibilities with it all. I highly recommend the teacher, Catherine Kernan (www.catherinekernan.com). Did multiple plates today and I was experimenting with some of the material; ended up at the last pull of the print with a 'blob' on the edge of the artwork from the blending material. Yikes! Two directions that I can go in; be devastated that I ruined a perfectly good print (and destroy it) OR look at it as an unexpected opportunity to go in a new direction. Guess I'll go in a new direction; I have no doubt that this will become a part of a mixed media piece with beewax involved! When I get it to a point of calling it 'done' I will post it.

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