Monday, July 31, 2006

Coming down from a high

I'm back at home again, getting settled back into the routine after a week-long workshop up in Santa Fe. What a workshop it was! I'm still coming down from the high. I tried to cram as much information into my head as I possible could. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and great classmates! The class might have had more students than was planned (there was 15 of us sharing 2 pressbeds), but somehow or other, it worked out. Usually that kind of ratio can easily lead to chaos and stress; such a congenial group. What was truly amazing (and this says a lot about the teacher) is that about a third of the class came back from last year or the year before to take her workshop again. I certainly plan to do the same in 2008 (next year is my trek home to Hawaii). The week was filled with exciting rain storms. This is a shot of the sky one afternoon as the storm was clearing. Catherine, our teacher is the one in the yellow shirt (black apron) working with David who was in an experimental mode all week long (really came up with some great approaches by trying out some unconventional things). Sandra is the one at the press bed about to print up a plate. She has more energy than Tigger! This one is of Joan who was getting together a series of images she made this year and last year. It became a chine colle ( a rather complex one), but the end result was breathtaking! The campus where the workshop was held at was also amazing (IAIA; which is an art school for Native Americans). Lots of natural light in the print shop. The library is to die for by way of resources ( I did some searches on some Hawaiiana books and they had them there on the shelf). The campus has art everywhere. I could've spent a good portion of my time there just admiring the art. These are details of a sculpture outside our building; you almost feel like the buffalo is alive; it has so much energy. So much information in my head to process and assimilate from last week. I feel a great urge to 'crank' up that press bed and get going on some images...

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