Saturday, May 13, 2017

I (heart) Molokai

May 15th marks one year since we moved back to the home I grew up in on Molokai. I  find it hard to believe that ONE year has already zoomed by! It felt like such a Herculean task to get all the logistics in place of cleaning purging, packing selling the house, doing repairs along with the challenges that everyday life brings (and some unexpected surprises). And the hardest part was saying goodbye to so many good friends whom I know I will see on a regular basis anymore because of the distance. As hard as it was to leave, I am so very, very glad to be here again. I feel more grounded and centered and life feels less cluttered and hurried.

In my room here at night, I hear the trade winds blowing outside my window along with the creaking branches of a macadamia nut tree that is well over 80 years old. From time to time I'll hear a nut fall to the ground . Often, when I lay my head down to sleep, I'll hear an axis deer barking outside my window. I like this life that I've come back to-although it is different being an adult, yet, there are so many things that are still the same.

I love Molokai.

Join us as a group of us (yes-there are many of us!) from around the world post our shadow shots over at Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Entertain your muse and be amused by stopping by to see what others have posted!


colleen said...

I've always loved secret code and writing. Shadows are even more fun than a mirror.

Kathe W. said...

very fun shadow shot! Have a lovely day!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

That's a heartwarming capture!


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