Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 Days of Mary: Day 12

The Visitation

Our Lady of Guadalupe explained

Attribution: Unknown

Our final day of this annual 'gathering'-something which I hold dear in my heart for its sacredness in honoring that which is the Feminine Divine. I treasure meeting up with each and every one of you even if it is just once a year. I dearly miss our Joe Spado who had been so much a part of this meme in so many ways. Joe, I think you are with us as we 'gather' here-you have enriched our lives with your muses, writings and point of view-not to mention sharing your life experiences.

I bid you all peace and a joyous holiday be it Hanukkah, Christmas or whatever you are celebrating. May the upcoming year bring you much health and happiness and be full of happy surprises.

Peace be with you!

About the 12 Days of Mary: Everyone is invited. While this is not about religion, it is about sharing, opening hearts, rejoicing in ultimate mother love.
It is about light, compassion, inspiration, and the sweet chance to begin each day together in beauty and peace.

Some will write amazing words of inspiration and prayer. Others tell a story. Often, the image alone conveys the message and that is enough.

Come see what others have shared over at Rebecca's page. Feel free to join in with us whether if it's for one day or all 12!


Lenora said...

Love, beauty, peace, joy; and also with you. So much beauty, so much inspiration! xo

gma said...

Enjoyed walking with you on this pilgrimage. Also miss having Joe Spado with us.
Wonderful piece showing the explanation of the Guadalupe. Peace and love be with you this season and always.

redondowriter said...

Ah, three great images to our finale--and thanks for mentioning Joe Spado. He was such a delight to read. Thanks for all your sharing these 12 days. I hope I am more faithful this year about blog hopping as I love everything you post.

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for this 12 days of sharing in Mary's love; happy feast day and thank you for dropping by my blog today

much love...

Anne Jeffries said...

Oh my. Thank you so much for honoring Joe here. He made such a huge impression on all of us. Merry Christmas Paula and wishing you and yours all the best in the coming year.

Hettienne Grobler said...

How incredible the use of the star constellation on her robe? It is all so much bigger than what we can ever grasp! Thank you for the sharing and your encouragement on my tarot shrines. I have been thinking about including the visit with Elizabeth and there you put it up today! I will take it as a yes from the universe. A wonderful festive season and a joy-filled new year for you, love Hettienne

J C said...

I especially like the Guadalupe explanation. Thanks for sharing and for sharing all the others these past twelve days. :)

Stephanie Hilvitz said...

yes, yes...happiest of all holiday greetings! So sweet to think of Spadoman...very much miss his beautiful words.

rebecca said...

my darling,
thank you for speaking with such love for our spadoman. he is in our heart and visited my thoughts so often during these twelve days. he brought such wit and charm to our gatherings here and at haiku my heart.
everyone seems to be renewed with gathering together twelve days of mary love. she is the ultimate in bringing hearts together. i would love to see all of you at haiku my heart- a chance to keep the connection alive on fridays. the door is always open! it is powerful to see the act of connection brighten each others hearts!
much love to you paula.


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