Saturday, May 09, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I love these images of my mother. So young, so happy, so beautiful. She did now know then that she would bear 6 children. 13 years after this photo was taken, we would settle into what my siblings and I call home-as in the home that we grew up in, in Kalae, Molokai. All those years of morning sickness, bearing children, doing endless laundry (washing and hanging the clothes up and then taking them down and folding them), grocery shopping, cooking countless meals, comforting all the hurts, refereeing the sibling squabbles, planting gardens to grow veggies in, making sure we all did our homework, had our baths and in bed-all while working as a school teacher dealing with another set of children and lesson plans.

I don't know how she did it and with the patience that she did. I know a lot of photos of her taken when we were young she looked absolutely exhausted. I can imagine and yet I can't, as I've only raised one child to her 6.

It's not until we are adults that we are in awe of what our mother's accomplished.

To my mother-18 years gone now, but I still miss you and appreciate you more than ever-Happy Mother's Day.

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