Saturday, June 07, 2014

The String Game OR Photo-Bombed Again!

Early morning light in our home often translates to great opportunities for some very dramatic light and shadow shots. And, a piece of string in the hallway beckoned to me for that very reason.

Well, guess who shows up and decides that 'now' is a good time to play a favorite game of his, the 'string game'. For, after all, the only reason why we have a piece of string hanging around our living room is for that very reason! Seems reasonable.

Either that, or Izzy thought he should photobomb my picture yet again. Which is what I think really happened.

You be the judge.

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Ralph said...

Izzy is not as concerned about his picture being captured as he is with capturing the string. The string or the alpha cat (or are you queen of the pride?), which way is a cat supposed to go? Izzy is a lovely feline in looks and behavior...and a fine subject!

Kelly said...

Well of course Izzy showed up - you were playing with his string and he needed to join in!! He sure is pretty! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Is it possible to keep a cat away from a string?

Six Words and Shadows

robin. said...

if there is string laying around there is going to be a photo bomb for sure!! i was wrapping a baby gift this morning...and the decorative "string" was thought to be far game by my littlest furry one.

Leovi said...

An exquisite light, wonderful game! Excellent photos!

colleen said...

I imagine the string moving and the cat going crazy with it.


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