Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spiral This!

"Spiral This!" © 2013 Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

Yesterday, our core team from Total Lighting Supply headed out to Dallas for the the Dallas Market Center. Twice a year, the lighting companies are there with their product, which was the purpose of the trip.These companies send out their best from marketing and sales. For years, one of our members who had already been there, kept trying to describe what kind of a place this is-imagine, he says, that there are two buildings, one is about 4 floors high, the other is 14 floors high that are connected. In it, there are endless 'stores' for those that own retail to buy product from. It's a buyers shopping mall. This one is mostly household kinds of things and gift and gourmet (although all the Christmas Holiday stuff was out in force). Across the street in another equally massive structure is the fashion district. Yipes!

Dallas Market Center

I will admit, all those stores with chandeliers  is what  dazzled me (we were not there for chandeliers though). Talk about bling on steroids!

"Bling" on steroids

After hours of talking and visiting with marketing and sales reps, we finally got a chance to sit down and collect our thoughts. And, of course, how lovely that the glass table that we sat at had sunlight on it, casting a lovely, spiral shadow from the metal centerpiece that held it up!

It was a long and grueling day as we did everything all in one day without staying overnight. However, exhausted as we were, on the drive home from the airport, we were treated to a most glorious sunset on the longest day of the year!

All in a day's work...

New Mexico sunset

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sylvia kirkwood said...

Beautiful shadow shots for the day, Paula!! Looks like a fun time and that place does look like Dallas and Texas size! Have a great weekend!

Norma Ruttan said...

such a magical and interesting shadow!
Nowadays, I'd be overwhelmed by such a huge space filled with goods to be sold and so many people there to see and perhaps buy. what a tantalizing chandelier! I wonder how tall a ceiling would have to be in order not to be hit in the head when one walks under it.

Jeanne Baney said...

Heavens! That spiral shadow was amazing! Loved the drippy glass chandeliers as well. Can you just imagine the silvery sound they might make in a slight breeze? You have captured my imagination!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The spiral shadows could be a mini-labyrinth (fit for mice or crickets?).

Shadowy Irrigation Canal

Chubby Chieque said...

As a bling lover, I choose to love the chandie! Well, if I have a castel or mansion like house, why not? LoL*

You guys, are worth prizing the beautiful sunset. That's magical. I am also a lover of sunset and can watch until the glow ends.

Happy SSS to you, my Molakai Girl.

Hugs from Prague, (I am strolling around in our week ciy tour).
/CC girl

MyMaracas said...

Spectacular place - and I can understand the difficulty in trying to describe it. Quite a unique shadow you found, too.


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