Saturday, June 15, 2013

Somewhere Over the .....


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" © Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

Did you say 'rainbow' after you read the title? 

In the movie, "The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy sings this enchanting song. It speaks about the need and the yearning for being able to go to a place, "where there isn't any trouble". We all want to be there at that kind of place just like Dorothy. Sometimes we really need it more than others-life does have a way of throwing a lot of curveballs our way. And, although we really can't go 'somewhere over the rainbow', we have to find a way to go inward to find a place within us that grounds and centers us. You are all familiar (not necessarily from experience) with hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques where you are asked to think about a place that you've been to (or create one) that is calming. Such as a beach, a quiet, babbling stream, the pine trees in the mountains, etc. For me, I have a couple of places I go to and they are both on Moloka'i. These are places that are tightly woven into the fabric of my childhood, so it is a natural thing. I hope your 'places' are as nice too.

So, as you go about your day to day activities  I do hope that you can readily access that place, 'where there is no trouble' and feel yourself getting grounded, centered, and more peaceful.

The image here is certainly a rainbow of a different kind-created by a prism hanging in my window, creating this colorful spectrum at the foot pedals of my piano. Which, apparently, were in dire need of being dusted when I took this, but light waits for no one, so the picture gets taken in a less than 'perfect' state. Which is what life is.

Wherever you are tomorrow, if you are a dad or you have the opportunity to be spending time with your dad, I wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

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Jeanne said...

Lovely! Over the Rainbow is where I'm at right now since hubs is home from the hospital and recovering. It's a matter of recognizing it when you're there!

sylvia kirkwood said...

Clever, lovely shadow shot for the day, Paula!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Chubby Chieque said...

That's a wonder rainbow, the closest I have seen.

Beautiful and absolute great shot!

Happy SSS,

/CC girl

Ralph said...

This si very artistic - the rainbow under the pedals looks suspiciously like the heels under Dorothy's ruby slippers...we ned to relax and focus on where we are centered - not necessarily in kansas, but our home wherever we may be. It seems that maybe Dorothy and Toto never left home and it took quite an adventure for them to realize that indeed, there is no place like home!

Norma Ruttan said...

isn't it fun to find a rainbow thrown your way by a different way?

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a creative, artistic photo! Love the rainbow light! And so love your words to complement it!

robin. said...

excellent post Miss Paula!! I am in my happy place...thanks to you!!!

namaki said...

This is so creative !

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What a soothing photo!

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