Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Zesty, Zen-like Zebras Zipping by the Zoo

ABC Wednesday is a word meme with participants from around the world. This fabulous meme was created and hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt who hails from Great Britain. Over time, others have joined in to help host this wonderful and informative meme. We are now in our ELEVENTH round with 'Captain Roger' at the helm! Some of the participants have been with this from the very first round; others have joined in along the way. Each week we are taken across the globe to see the varied and exciting contributions people have taken the time to discover and capture. We start with the letter, "A" and each week we post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. This week, we are on the last letter of the alphabet, the letter, "Z" before beginning with our new round, 12! I believe I have been with ABC Wednesday since round 3.


ZARF. Rhymes with...oh, never mind! Let's NOT go there! Zarf: a small, metal, cuplike stand, usually ornamented, used in the Levant for holding hot coffee cups. Sure beats those doggoned cardboard sleeves we get, doesn't it?


ZOMOTHERAPY. Are you ready for this one? Are you sure?

Zomotherapy: the medical treatment of disease by a diet of raw meat.

OK, on the count of three. One. Two. Three. Eeeewww!!! Gross!


(image from Wikipedia)

ZEDOARY: an aromatic substance obtained from the rootstocks of certain plants of the genus Curcuma (white tumeric) which are used in perfumes and medicines. Who knew, huh?


(image from Wikipedia)

ZYGOMATIC: designating or of a bony arch on either side of the face just below the eye, consisting of the zygomatic bone and process.

I made it a point to bring to you all totally obscure words. Thanks to my humungous Webster's Unabridged New World Dictionary! And, to Wikipedia too, for being so 'instrumental' in providing images when none could be found otherwise.

Now, if only I could remember all of these lovely, obscure words!


Sylvia K said...

Great choices for the Z Day, Paula! You do find the good ones!!! I'll have to pass on the "zomotherapy" though!! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!

Leslie: said...

Wow! These are amaZing words! I particularly like the one that rhymes with *arf! lol Very pretty.

abcw team

richies said...

No Zomotherapy for me please, I'm a vegetarian.

An Arkies Musings

photowannabe said...

Ewwwe, that sounds awful. maybe we will need one of those ZARF cups to handle the results of the Zomotherapy.....(:0)
Good stuff as always Paula!

Carol L McKenna said...

Very informative and unique post for 'Z' ~

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

Roger Owen Green said...

eat it raw!
raw! raw! raw!
that's the spirit!

(or not)

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Chubskulit Rose said...

The thought of including raw meat in a diet makes me crinch lol.

Z is for...
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Wanda said...

They are amazing words, and I learned a lot... and some I don't care to remember..."raw meat" Yikes!

Gattina said...

You enlarged my vocabulary ! but thank you for the raw meat :)!
ABC Team

Ann said...

Every Z word is so interesting, the zarf is pretty cool.

Meryl said...

I am curious... zomotherapy? Cool post and word - I love learning new things!

sharplittlepencil.com said...

The nice thing about zomotherapy is that it may cure whatever your malady is, but then you replace it with worms or other parasites. Gross to the max, and so funny, that and zarf. Zingers! Amy


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