Saturday, January 05, 2013

Celebrating the Mundane

An errand to Target to get kitty litter, facial cream, a toothbrush and other miscellaneous sundries. Baby, it's cold outside! The sun might be warm, but is overridden by the biting, cold wind. The goal now is to unload the goods in to my car as quickly as I can. But, oh! Will you look at that! The asphalt has 'bling' from the chrome and the glass from the car parked next to mine. The contrast from the shadow on the asphalt along with the chrome/glass/reflection thing made for a very nice abstract vignette. Cell phone comes out. Open the Retro camera ap. Click. Got it.

Another moment of celebrating the mundane!


Spadoman said...

Looks like a Lexus.


Norma Ruttan said...

apparently I love the mundane!
but I hate your proof that I am not a robot!
last time!


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