Saturday, December 08, 2012

All Things Mary: Mornings With Mary Day 8

Mother and sweet child
Whose destiny was chosen
Long before his birth


Join us on this journey of the 
twelve days of mornings with Mary.
everyone is invited. 
while this is not about religion, it is about sharing,
about opening hearts, rejoicing in ultimate mother love.
it is about  light, beauty, inspiration, thoughtful regard.
a welcome chance to begin each new day together
in beauty and peace.

Come see what others have shared over at Rebecca's page. Feel free to join in with us whether if it's for one day or all 12!


Delphyne said...

Beautiful photo, Paula, of a beautiful statue!

rebecca said...

thank you for flooding my heart with love and courage to accept the path that unfurls for each of us every day.

judie said...

This is lovely. I really like the images with the child.

Priti.Lisa said...

What a lovely statue...and I was just thinking about destiny the other's a on-going conversation I have with myself :D

Barbara said...

Beautiful! Images of Mary always bring me peace and this is no exception. Lovely!

Lenora said...

and ours, what is our destiny? what is our path? Do we see it, recognize it, really feel it beneath the soles of our feet, live it , tend it, nurture it, give of all we have within, all we are, all we can be? Truly i question myself not you.. i ask my heart to ponder..

Gloria said...

I believe that all our destinys were chosen way before we were born. A beautiful statue. Thank you.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm sorry if I'm being irreverent, but it just cracks me up to see a blue-eyed Jesus!

Lady of Sorrows

gma said...

Thank you for sharing your love and light with us all. These 12 mornings with Mary really seem to get me in the loving spirit of the season.

Norma Ruttan said...

MMT, I think perhaps that Jesus' blue eyes is a cultural thing,creating His image like those around the artist. Certainly his eyes would have been brown. Of course, it also is art as well as honoring both the Son of God and his Mother.
It's beautiful nonetheless. I am really enjoying all the ways our world sees Mary.

Meri said...

Paula -- she's breathtaking! What a beautiful statue.

Shannon Naughton-Gomez said...

I absolutely love this statue!
Thank you for sharing

Carol L McKenna said...

Beautiful and traditional view of Mary ~ blessings to you ~ (A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^


An exquisite Mother and Child. Hopefully she is in your collection. Thank you for this jolt of beauty.

Hettienne said...

I have not seen this statue before - I hope she is part of your collection? She is beautiful, holding the sacred heart for All of life!


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